Download Free WP SafeLink Plugin | Premium License Key

Download Free WP Safelink Plugin In 2023

Looking to Download Free WP SafeLink Plugin with a Lifetime Access? Then you are at the right place definitely. This article contains a free WP SafeLink plugin with a lifetime premium license key and SafeLink client version too.


WP Safelink is a fantastic plugin that can be used to change your download URL to your AdSense blog. Software, movie, and other downloadable website owners may sell their downloadable traffic to your AdSense website in this method, which is a long-term fix.

Features Of WP SafeLink

  • You may automatically create all external links to your AdSense blog by using the auto-generated link option.
  • You may create specific links to your AdSense site or your downloadable blog with the manual produces link option.
  • Three different permalink kinds can assist run more precise Adsense adverts.
  • The creation of short and lengthy permalinks that seem more professional is now possible with new short and long create links options.
  • Link views and clicks from your downloaded traffic are tracked by a counter view and click tool.
  • Anti-ad blocker features assist you in achieving a high CTR on your AdSense blog.
  • You may easily redirect to another wp safe link website with a new endless redirect page loop.
  • Your downloadable blog is integrated with your AdSense blog using the new WP Safelink client version.
  • Premium-looking templates and captcha verification assist to increase your AdSense profits. Adlinkly integration functionality allows you to generate money using Adsense to your short link.

WP SafeLink Buy Link

If you want future updates and technical assistance, you must purchase the plugin. The official cost of the WP Safelink WordPress plugin is $20. However, if you apply the following promotional code, you may get the plugin for $14 or $13.

  • BUYING LINK:- WP SafeLink
  • COUPON CODE:- GRINDTOLEAD [ 30% discount on applying this code! ]

WP SafeLink Demo Templates

  1. Safelink template 1
  2. Safelink template 2
  3. Safelink template 3
  4. Safelink template 4

WP SafeLink Installation

The WP Safelink plugin server v4.4.1, premium license key, and client version are being shared here for free and are only being done so for instructional and educational purposes. Therefore, don’t abuse the license key; if you want technical help, buy the plugin from the developer. This will also provide them with financial support for continued growth.

  • From the mega Link below, download the “WP Safelink server v4.4.1” and the “client version” plugin.
  • Now use “WinRAR” or another program to extract the downloaded file.
  • Click Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File (Open the extracted folder and choose just the server version “” file) -> Go to your “WordPress Dashboard” Now, install.
  • If you have any blog sites that you can download, you may install the WP Safelink client version.

WP SafeLink Is Safe for AdSense

It’s perilous for someone else and safe for someone else. It depends on how you utilize your AdSense blog’s WP Safelink plugin.

These days, most bloggers utilize this technique to download websites for movies, software, etc. However, the majority of bloggers utilize the plugin in a secure manner.

Did you check the box in Google Analytics to refer to your redirecting traffic as referring traffic? Additionally, your AdSense account will suffer if you solely refer people to the AdSense blog. After some time, AdSense may fine you, place a serving limit on your ads, or even terminate your account.

The majority of bloggers, on the other hand, prioritize organic traffic from Google searches and utilize the WP Safelink plugin for their AdSense blogs to increase referral traffic and profits. We certainly hope so, as their AdSense account rarely experiences an ad-serving restriction or is blocked.

WP SafeLink Latest Client Version

This is the latest version of WP SafeLink For You. This is definitely safe to install in your plugin section as I am also using this plugin and still I would recommend you to visit TOTALVIRUS and scan the theme and plugin for viruses before installing.


WP SafeLink License Keys

  1. 275cb98b478c48267755a4b99d95a
  2. bda90dbc890b5f2923ceffe10d337
  3. d1800931a65d96e32fce91b1e2599



I hope you have successfully accessed the Free WP SafeLink Plugin through this blog post. There will be many more upcoming posts for you. Stay connected with GTL in order to get further updates.

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