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If you are looking to download Easy Updates Manager for free then you are at the right place. In this article we will provide you the latest version of Easy Updates Manager for Free!


Easy Updates Manager Premium is a WordPress plugin that keeps users’ websites updated, bug-free, and stable. This premium plugin has extensive capabilities that allow users to handle updates in a safe and effective manner, ensuring that their websites stay secure and optimised.

Among the many features provided by the Easy Updates Manager Premium plugin are safe updates, scheduled updates, anonymized update requests, delayed updates, auto backup, import and export settings, webhook support, auto-update protection, white label branding, external logging, log management, export logs, premium support, email notification of updates, plugin checking, version control protection, and checking for unmaintained plugins.

The safe updates function of the plugin makes sure that updates are applied securely, without causing any problems or impairing website operation. Users may plan updates using the scheduled updates function to ensure that website downtime is kept to a minimum.

When updates are requested, website information is kept private thanks to the anonymized update request function. Users may postpone updates for a certain amount of time using the delayed updates function, allowing them time to check that the upgrades work with their website.

The plugin’s automated backup capability makes backups of website data on a regular basis to prevent data loss during upgrades. Users may move settings from one website to another using the import and export settings tool, which makes managing several websites simple.

The auto-update protection feature makes sure that updates are not implemented automatically, enabling users to manually examine and authorise changes. The webhook support feature enables users to get notifications about updates using webhooks.

The external logging and log management capabilities offer visibility into website modifications and activity, and the white label branding option enables customers to brand the plugin with their own logo and colours. Logs can be exported by users for additional analysis or reporting.

Features Of Easy Updates Manager

  • Safe Updates: Updates are applied safely without causing any issues or breaking website functionality, ensuring that website performance is not affected by updates.
  • Schedule Updates: Users can schedule updates at a convenient time, minimizing website downtime and ensuring that updates are applied efficiently.
  • Anonymize Update Request: Website information is kept confidential when updates are requested, providing an added layer of security for users.
  • Delayed Updates: Users can delay updates for a specific period, giving them time to test the compatibility of the updates with their website.
  • Auto Backup: Automatic backups of website data are created, ensuring that data is not lost during updates.
  • Import Export Settings: Users can transfer settings from one website to another, making it easy to manage multiple websites.
  • Webhook: Users can receive notifications about updates through webhooks, providing an easy way to stay informed about website updates.
  • Auto-update Protection: Updates are not applied automatically, allowing users to review and approve updates manually.
  • White Label: Users can brand the plugin with their own logo and colors, providing a customized experience.
  • External Logging: Visibility into website updates and activity is provided, allowing users to monitor website performance and functionality.
  • Log Management: Users can manage website logs, making it easy to analyze and report on website activity.
  • Export Logs: Logs can be exported for further analysis or reporting, providing valuable insights into website performance and activity.
  • Premium Support: Priority support is provided for any issues or questions users may have, helping them optimize their website performance.
  • Email Notification of Updates: Users can receive notifications via email when updates are available, providing an easy way to stay informed about website updates.
  • Check Plugins: The plugin checks for outdated or unmaintained plugins, ensuring website optimization for performance and functionality.
  • Version Control Protection: The plugin protects against accidental updates or changes, helping users maintain control over their website updates.
  • Check For Unmaintained Plugins: The plugin identifies plugins that may need to be updated or replaced, ensuring website optimization for performance and functionality.

Change Log Of Easy Updates Manager

= 9.0.15 – 2023-04-13 =

* TWEAK: Improve MPSUM_Logs::normalise_call_stack_args() method to reduce the size of call stacks being stored in the database, also to prevent silent termination due to size of the call stacks that swell
* TWEAK: Get rid of PHP 8.1+’s “automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated” message when first time activating the plugin
* TWEAK: Add a user capabilities check when receiving a request through the `wp_ajax_eum_ajax` handler
* TWEAK: Prevent PHP8+ ErrorException and/or suppress PHP notice/warning for undefined stdClass::$plugin and/or stdClass::$theme variables during auto-updates (this usually happens due to the plugin or theme doesn’t follow WordPress standards)
* TWEAK: Remove notices regarding WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE and AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED constants from force automatic updates screen as they now won’t prevent automatic updates from being run
* TWEAK: Get rid of PHP deprecated message on PHP 8.1+ when presenting admin constant notices by removing sprintf() function that shouldn’t had wrapped the esc_html_e() function
* TWEAK: All updates settings should be compatible and compliant with WordPress Site Health
* TWEAK: Prevent making a nonce available to logged-in users who could not manage Easy Updates Manager (no impact as all actions (dismissal of notices) were unreachable without proper user capability)
* FIX: Wrong parameters order in PHP implode() function calls for showing a list of plugins and/or themes that are under version control
* FIX: Some fields were not cleared when switching from one auto-update schedule time to another

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Free Download Easy Updates Manager

This is the latest version of Free Download Easy Updates Manager Plugin for You. This is definitely safe to install in your plugin section as I am also using this plugin and still I would recommend you to visit TOTALVIRUS and scan the plugin for viruses before installing.



I hope you have successfully accessed the Free Download Easy Updates Manager Plugin through this blog post. There will be many more upcoming posts for you. Stay connected with GTL in order to get further updates.

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