Ron Cephas Jones Passes Away At 66

Emmy-winning actor Ron Cephas Jones has passed away at the age of 66. A spokesperson for Jones confirmed his demise to ABC News on Saturday, stating, “Renowned and acclaimed actor Ron Cephas Jones has left us at the age of 66 due to an enduring pulmonary ailment.”

The official announcement further expressed, “Throughout his professional journey, his warmth, grace, benevolence, compassion, and spirit left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of crossing paths with him.

Ron’s inner radiance and soulfulness shone brightly, capturing the hearts of countless viewers through his multi-Emmy award-winning portrayal on the show ‘This Is Us.’ He is survived by his daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones.”

Jones gained prominence for his portrayal of William Hill in “This Is Us,” the biological father of Randall Pearson, portrayed by Sterling K. Brown.

In response to the sad news, Brown paid tribute to Jones, fondly reminiscing, “Life mirrored art today, and the world has bid farewell to one of its most extraordinary individuals. [Jones] has passed away, leaving the world a bit dimmer. Brother, your presence was cherished. You shall be remembered with longing.

May you continue to evoke laughter in the next chapter of existence, and I eagerly anticipate our reunion.” Jones secured an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor for his role in “This Is Us” in 2018 and repeated the feat in 2020. In that same year, his daughter earned her maiden Emmy, etching their names as the inaugural father-daughter pair to win Emmys concurrently.

Co-star of “This Is Us,” Mandy Moore, also paid homage to the late artist on Saturday, sharing, “The privilege of knowing and collaborating with Ron in the tumultuous journey of ‘This Is Us’ was an unparalleled gift. He embodied sheer enchantment as both a human being and an artist… Those moments are eternally cherished.”

Beyond his role on “This Is Us,” Jones left his mark on productions like “Mr. Robot,” “The Get Down,” “Luke Cage,” “Looking For Alaska,” and “Truth Be Told.”

In a 2021 interview with The New York Times, the star disclosed his private struggle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and his subsequent double lung transplant at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2020, where he remained a patient for nearly two months.

Jones revealed his arduous journey of relearning basic functions such as breathing, eating, and walking after the surgery. Following his recovery, he made a triumphant return to Broadway in 2022, earning a Tony nomination for his role in the play “Clyde’s.”

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