EX SpaceX Brothers Developing Moon Water Spacecraft


Ex Space X Bros are developing reusable spacecraft with plasma rockets fuelled by water taken from the Moon.

Argo Space Corporation, would also create its own system for collecting and storing lunar water in space for use as fuel.

"We look at this as being very similar to the California Gold Rush, where we are going to be commercializing this resource on the Moon water

That's going to enable a whole lot of other companies to build up their businesses, go after other new resources

Scientists have been experimenting with sending H2O to space in propellant experiments at least since 2017

While the idea of using water as a space fuel is not particularly new or what little they've revealed of it.

The California-based startup secured $2 million in its most recent investment round to further its technologies.

 They plan to use Earth water as a propellant for their Argonaut crafts.

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