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Canva Pro For Lifetime Free

Want Canva Pro for free? Then you are at the right place. Presenting you the access to Canva Pro for Lifetime Free.


Canva Pro is a fantastic design tool that has made waves since its beginnings. It is an online platform that allows users to produce great graphics, presentations, and other visual material in a simple and straightforward manner. Canva Pro is ideal for both novices and experts due to its extensive set of features and capabilities.

Canva Pro is an excellent tool for both individuals and organisations. It is especially handy for small firms and entrepreneurs that need to rapidly and simply develop high-quality designs without breaking the cash. Because the platform is user-friendly, even those with little or no design experience can easily create beautiful designs.

One of Canva Pro’s notable features is the ability to work with team members in real time. This functionality is extremely valuable for organizations with teams scattered across the country. Team members may collaborate on a project in real time, provide input, and make modifications, making the design process more effective and streamlined.

Canva Pro’s brand kit feature is another notable feature. This tool enables businesses to keep their brand colours, logos, and fonts in a one location, making it simple to maintain brand consistency across all designs. This is especially crucial for companies that need to develop a large quantity of marketing materials and want to guarantee that their branding is consistent across all platforms.

Canva Pro also includes a selection of unique templates for a variety of projects, such as presentations, social media graphics, marketing materials, and more. Users may also save their own templates for future usage, which is beneficial for firms that need to develop a large number of comparable designs.

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Canva Pro’s Magic Resize function is another remarkable feature. This tool enables users to rapidly adapt designs to fit various social media networks, making it simple to produce several versions of the same design for various platforms. Businesses may save a lot of time and effort by not having to build distinct designs for each platform they utilise.

Pricing and Plans

Canva Pro has three subscription tiers to choose from: monthly, annual, and enterprise. Individuals and small teams will benefit from the Monthly and Annual plans, while bigger organisations will benefit from the Enterprise plan. The Monthly plan is $12.95 per month, the Annual plan is $9.95 per month (paid annually), and the Enterprise plan has unique pricing based on the organization’s demands.


  • Canva Pro provides access to over 75 million stock pictures, videos, and graphics, making it simple to locate the ideal image or design element for any project.
  • Canva Pro provides a variety of unique templates for a variety of projects, including presentations, social media graphics, marketing materials, and more. Users can also make their own templates to save for later use.
  • Canva Pro allows users to connect with team members in real-time, making it simple to collaborate on projects, give comments, and make changes in real-time.
  • Canva Pro has a variety of sophisticated design capabilities, such as the ability to upload custom fonts, create translucent backgrounds, and access to complex colour palette options.
  • Canva Pro’s brand kit feature makes it simple to maintain brand consistency by storing brand colours, logos, and fonts in a single location for convenient access.
  • Canva Pro’s Magic Resize tool enables users to automatically resize designs to fit various social media sites, making it simple to produce several versions of the same design for different platforms.
  • Background Remover: The Background Remover tool in Canva Pro makes it simple to remove backgrounds from photos, making them suitable for use in designs and presentations.
  • Priority Support: Canva Pro users enjoy priority support, which ensures that any difficulties or problems are remedied as soon as possible.
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How to Use Canva Pro ?

  1. Register for Canva Pro: Go to the Canva website and create a Canva Pro account. Select the subscription plan that best meets your requirements.
  2. Explore the Interface: After you’ve joined up, spend some time exploring the interface and becoming acquainted with the many features and tools.
  3. make a New Project: To begin, choose the sort of design you want to make, such as a presentation or a social media graphic, and then either use a template or start from scratch.
  4. Customise Your Design: You may customise your design by using the many design tools and features, such as adding text, photographs, and other design components.
  5. Invite team members to contribute on the project in real time if you’re working with a group.
  6. Download and Share: Once you’ve finished your design, save it in the appropriate format and share it with others.

Access Canva Pro For Free

Simply copy the link and paste it in your web browser and then click on the button “GET HERE” then you will be redirected to Canva. You will be automatically added to a CANVA PRO team for Free and you can simply start using Canva Pro Exclusive features.


Canva Pro is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to quickly and effortlessly generate high-quality graphics. With a variety of features and capabilities, the platform is ideal for both beginners and experts. Canva Pro provides excellent value for money, particularly when comparing to other design applications on the market.

I hope you have successfully accessed the Canva Pro feature for free through this blog post. There will be many more upcoming posts for you. Stay connected with GTL in order to get further updates.

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